That's a Wrap!


It's December and we are in the final stretch of 2023, I have decided to scrap the newsletter. It is just one less thing for me to have to keep track of as my cup runneth over and I am overwhelmed again. I am also making some changes to better my mental health and not keep getting caught in the endless cycle that is how I keep busy.

I have a few events in 2024 as of now and I have one major project I am currently a part of on the business side. A bunch of personal stuff I have for projects on the personal side, but I don't know which ones I will look to finish or which ones I will look to scrap.

My Thanks

My thanks to you, the subscriber. You chose to subscribe to a newsletter about me and some really odd stuff. But you made it. Lobster recipes, accessibility, me blathering on. You stuck with me and I thank you. My best to you and yours and you can find me on the socials:

Mastodon: or on Twitter @toddlibby, Bluesky (I'm LinkedIn and there are links on my personal page where I may be writing more.

Make great things, make accessible things, and make inclusive things!

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